We Understand: It's more than just money.

Your settlement was the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It may be a way to honor a legacy of someone who's no longer there to pick up the phone or your ticket for rebooting your life after suffering a personal injury.

Our partner is one of the most trusted names in the secondary structured settlement market. If you’re interested in selling, a representative will walk your through the process and what your options are to get money quickly.

Our Comprehensive Guides

  • Structured Settlements

    The ins and outs of structured settlements: How they work and your ownership rights
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  • Selling Payments

    Everything you need to know about selling: the court process and beyond
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  • Cashing Out

    Exploring all of your options: Get a lump sum or sell a portion of your settlement
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Interested in Selling Your Payments?

You don't have to face it alone. We connect you with our partner, who will assign you your own representative to work with throughout the process.

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Facing another crisis that requires money fast can bring back up all of those negative thoughts and feelings from fighting for your settlement. StructuredSettlements.com wants to help put your mind at ease: We offer cash advances up to $1,000 if your settlement qualifies.